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About Aviation innovation hub

The “Aviation Innovation Hub” is not just a platform; it’s a dynamic nexus where groundbreaking ideas, profound industry insights, and state-of-the-art technology converge to reshape the aviation landscape in the Gulf region.

As a testament to our dedication, a customer experience center will soon be established, amplifying our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and services to our valued aviation partners and customers.

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The main collaborators

Collaborators at the Forefront


Kaira Clan:
Kaira Clan leverages its robust global technology portfolio to seamlessly connect industry experts with the MENA region, delivering tailored solutions precisely aligned with the aviation industry’s evolving needs.

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As an investment house for technology and innovation startups, SCIT empowers the next generation of innovators creating disruptive solutions for global challenges, ensuring the aviation sector stays ahead in technology and innovation.

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GELLIFY, a global platform for innovation projects, facilitates ecosystem-based initiatives for technology deployment. Their global presence ensures local representation and the smooth execution of innovative solutions, providing invaluable insights across sectors.

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SkyFive Arabia:
SkyFive Arabia revolutionizes aviation connectivity, offering reliable high-speed connectivity through its patented Air-To-Ground (A2G) solution. This innovative solution, based on proven cellular technology, outperforms traditional satellite systems and flexibly scales to meet future connectivity needs.

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Key Collaborative Objectives


  1. Commercial passenger experience: We provide consistent, high-speed connectivity through SkyFive Arabia’s Air-To-Ground solution, and create custom, immersive journeys for every passenger using IoT, AI, ML, and Digital Twins
  2. Private presidency: We cater to the unique needs of private presidential clients who demand the best in luxury, comfort, and security. We create customised solutions using the latest aerospace and satellite technologies, as well as Space Optical technologies and extended reality experiences
  3. eVTOL: We explore the potential of eVTOL for urban air mobility and short-haul flights. We design and test eVTOL prototypes and use cases, while emphasising the sustainability and safety aspects of eVTOL technology
  4. Aviation telemetric engine data: We improve operational and maintenance aspects of the aviation industry by utilising aviation telemetric engine data. We apply AI, ML, and Digital Twins technologies to analyse and optimise the data, providing real-time feedback and recommendations to pilots, engineers and managers
  5. Conversions of NTN and terrestrial connectivity: We investigate the feasibility and benefits of integrating NTN and terrestrial connectivity. We develop and demonstrate the best practices and standards for the conversions, ensuring the reliability, security, and interoperability of the communication services

Catalyzing Innovation in Aviation

The “Aviation Innovation Hub” signifies a quantum leap, providing a collaborative, multifaceted approach to address challenges and seize opportunities in the aviation sector. Kaira Clan, SCIT, GELLIFY, and SkyFive Arabia harness their unique strengths to drive innovation, delivering tangible results through technical pilot projects.

Incorporating Diverse Technology Themes


Strategically focused on various technology domains, including aerospace technologies, satellite technologies, A2G communication, Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twins, Extended Reality, and more, the Aviation Innovation Hub aims to catalyze innovation and progress in the aviation sector. Our commitment lies in synergizing cutting-edge solutions to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities within the aviation industry.

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