From Agriculture To Innovation Centers

by | Jan 9, 2021 | Innovation

Credit : Mikko Mäkelä

Photo credit: Craig Garner

While 2020 proved to be quite an interesting year bringing a lot of challenges for all of us due to Covid-19, Kaira Clan has tried to make the most of it! During the last year, Kaira Clan has had a full spectrum of opportunities to provide services to our clients ranging from marketing research and strategy to offering guidance and support in the creation of several Innovation Labs.

We have helped companies create and expand their international marketing strategies, offered guidance to foreign entities wishing to expand to Nordic markets as well as helping local companies with their expansions abroad. We have had the opportunity to work within a variety of markets from agriculture all the way to the digitalization of manufacturing tools. Our knowledge is vast and can only be outshone by our enthusiasm we have at seeing our clients succeed! It was quite an exciting and fulfilling year for us here at Kaira Clan!

We had the great pleasure and privilege to support the development of several Innovation Labs abroad in the past year. We have done everything from help with initial startup and equipment requirements to recruitment and training.

Through these Innovation Labs, we will be bringing Finnish technical knowledge to not one but 3 different continents! These Innovation Labs will help not only bring economic growth through updated technological resources to their countries, but also encourage and promote young adults and women into the field of technology. We are so excited to see what lays ahead in 2021 for these Innovation Labs and all of those who will be participating in them!

Let’s look ahead to 2021 and see what adventures will come! Not just here at Kaira Clan but for our partners, clients and future clients.


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