CEO visits Vietnam

by | Jun 23, 2022 | News

Credit : Mikko Mäkelä

Last August, Kaira Clan attended the Vietnam National Assembly held in Helsinki. During our time here, it became apparent that Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies with a need for digitalization, digital transfer data, smart cities, industry 4.0 solutions, IoT, and agriculture.

Press release from earlier- (link to blog and MoUs

In April of this year, our CEO, Tero Blomqvist, was a keynote speaker at the Ho Chi Minh City economical forum and participated in panel discussions concerning digital transformation in Landmark 81, the highest building in Vietnam.

With over 900 participants from the Vietnam government and the largest Vietnamese enterprises, Kaira Clan met with around 20 different potential projects.  Tero visited five different cities, drove more than 1000 kilometers, and took eight flights during his one-month stay in Vietnam, meeting with smart city organizations from several cities, including Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. 






During his stay, Tero also visited universities in relation to education, innovation, and the Nordic startup culture. Also visited during this trip, were factories needing industry 4.0 solutions in the sectors such as seafood, different agricultural places including livestock places and rice fields.

While his schedule was hectic, he still visited the leading Vietnamese telecom operators and software companies, telecommunication enterprises, different kinds of system integrator companies and software companies.


We are now building a foundation for Vietnam with our partners, who will represent Kaira Clan throughout VN. We will offer IoT solutions for several sectors, including agriculture and Industry 4.0. healthcare, smart building and facilities, digital twins, and virtual reality. 

Our role is to work as experts and provide education, tech knowledge, and solutions with our Finnish partners.

We are inviting interesting Finnish companies to join the party!