Kaira Clan announces a new collaboration with Tampere Saints Juniors

by | May 26, 2023 | News

Credit : Mikko Mäkelä

Kaira Clan is announcing a new collaboration with Tampere Saints Juniors with effect from 21 May 2023. Tampere Saints RY is an American Football club with teams for men, women, and juniors from different age groups. 

Kaira Clan and Tampere Saints Juniors have formed a partnership to encourage youngsters for activating a healthy lifestyle. One of the most visible manifestations of the partnership is during the summer, as Tampere Saints Juniors will bring Kaira Clan’s brand in their game jersey’s to over 20 games in the playing fields all across Finland.

Kaira Clan’s CEO, Tero Blomqvist, states, “It is amazing to work with Tampere Saints Juniors. For Kaira as an international company, it is important to have the possibility to support the local junior team. As a collaboration partner, Kaira Clan commits to investing the time, effort, and expertise required to get the attention of potential audiences on a regular basis for Tampere Saints Juniors”.


Credit : Mikko Mäkelä


Moreover, Kaira Clan´s support helps Tampere Saints in providing affordable and equal opportunities for all youth to participate in competitive sports. There is a growing concern about the rising cost of participating in youth’s sports activities.

“American football is still quite an affordable hobby in Tampere, and with a little help from our partners, it is easier to keep it that way. We are glad to have such supporters as Kaira Clan”, states Tampere Saints’ President Marko Husu.

Information about Kaira Clan and Tampere Saints Ry

Kaira Clan

Kaira Clan is an innovation consultancy acting as the unified entry point into the Nordic digital ecosystem. They offer digital business design, innovation center development, accelerator programs, and technology scouting services. In addition, they establish solutions and ecosystems with their partners to create mutually beneficial sales networks and supply chains. For more information visit www.kairaclan.com 

Tampere Saints RY

The Tampere Saints was founded in 1998 to continue the local hobby of American football in Tampere, which began in 1982. Previously, the activity was conducted under the names Tampere Rocks, Tampere Ilves, and Pyynikki Patriots. Over the years, the Saints have grown from a hobby group of a few dozen members to the current club of almost 200 members. The goal is to promote the opportunities for practicing American football in the Pirkanmaa region. 

The club holds guided practices throughout the year and game events for various teams mainly during the summer. The club works with school physical education teachers to develop school physical education classes. For more information visit www.tamperesaints.fi

Contact Details:

Tero Blomqvist

CEO, Kaira Clan


Marko Husu

Puheenjohtaja, Tampere Saints R.Y.