After two years, Kaira Clan is finally in Riyadh!

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Ecosystems, Innovation, News

Credit : Mikko Mäkelä


Kaira Clan meets with Saudi Telecom (stc) and Nokia Solutions and Network in Riyadh to bring the implementation of their Talent Journey innovation sprint program to a close.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Kaira Clan finally meets with Nokia and stc for the first time after two years of hosting stc’s Forward Innovation Lab to celebrate the finalists of the Talent Journey Innovation Sprint program.

The purpose of the collaboration is to open the opportunity for stc to be one of the technology leaders to innovate, develop and offer solutions for their customers’ challenges. In addition, the objective is to create new technologies and revenue streams from the developed solutions in the innovation hub.

“Our goal has always been to encourage creativity and empower innovative leaders’ participation in technology innovation. It is not just about enhancing our client’s capabilities, but strengthening the experience as partners and customers by bringing them innovative and impactful solutions” – Oki Tag, Chief Innovation Officer at Kaira Clan 






Kaira Clan’s programs are relevant solutions for Saudi Arabia Vision for 2030[1] and stc’s business strategy. These solutions are built around the latest technological breakthroughs in 5G, Mobile Edge Computing platforms, IoT solutions, Extended Reality, Gamification, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

“Our aim is to enable customer’s internal innovation while setting up the foundations for a community of innovators. Furthermore, we want customer’s talent to interact and exchange ideas, and resources, with domestic and international organisations such as universities, research centres, and other large organisations and companies from Finland, Saudi Arabia, and other countries as well.”. Janne Siltari, Chairman of Kaira Clan

Kaira Clan has run “Talent Journeys” sprints through its corporate innovation programs for the past two years. These programs provide educational content and mentoring for entrepreneurship and innovation. Theories are practiced via rapid prototyping from ideas to pilots and solutions business models.

The target is to build a foundation and encourage talents to push their ideas from their earliest stages up to market readiness with teachings from Finnish and Nordic innovative mindsets combined with the local talent pool and market opportunities.

In addition, Kaira Clan provides stc’s Forward Innovation activities covering new product development practices, lean startup methodologies, and business model definitions. These activities are enabled in collaboration with Kaira ecosystem partner companies, for example, MainosVidi and Mint Company.

“In the two years we have worked with stc and Nokia, we have educated over 200 talents on innovation and entrepreneurship and created more than ten pilots related to stc core businesses. What made this interesting was we had to do it all remotely due to the pandemic. It is so nice to be here in Riyadh face to face after all this time meeting each other.” -Tero Blomqvist, CEO at Kaira Clan.

Kaira Clan will be visiting shortly after a bilateral agreement was signed on November 4th, 2022 in Helsinki by Business Finland and the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia to build stronger business relationships between Finland and Saudi Arabia. They will be focusing on delivering innovation, IoT solutions and digital transformation.