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 Digital Transformation Consultancy

According to McKinsey & Company,  70-75% of all digital transformation projects classify as failing.  The reason so many projects are classified as failing is simply due to not following these 5 tips.

At Kaira Clan, we work with the best digital experts the Nordics have to offer to create a digital roadmap to ensure you get a complete solution designed for your unique specifications. 


 Business Design Services 

Find support in building your digital transformation strategy.  

Business Strategy

Creating a plan of action to align with your wants and needs is crucial to repositioning your company within the digital economy.

We guide you through the process of innovation, operational changes, and business models while leveraging new and exciting technologies for your company.

Business Design

Ensuring your business will meet your customers’ expectations is key to any successful organization.

We assist in the development of your digital strategy to do just that.


Assisting in developing your organization’s plan to utilize its outside resources and deliver your unique value proposition to customers.

Allowing your company to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s markets.


Solution Integration

Our network covers many sectors. From smart city to agriculture we use our technology scouting expertise to ensure our clients find a complete solution for their business’s digital roadmap.

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