Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Agency

Creating and recreating digital transformation and solutions, is all about improving business processes as well as your customer’s experience. It changes how an organization operates, how it relates to their customers and is extremely time consuming. Many companies will outsource this process as it is too challenging for their IT department.

We know that no one project is the same as another. That is why at Kaira Clan, we help you to:

  • Define your vision and purpose
  • Offer resources and expertise
  • Act as project manager
  • Measure and adjust KPIs

Our goal is to make these projects easier from the start. By creating the right team and knowing how to evaluate and monitor the progress of a project, we are confident our projects will run smoothly and continue to meet its targets and goals.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation & Solutions

5G Solutions

Now that 5G is here companies are able to take advantage and offer their clients so much more. By giving companies a chance, they can create industrial applications their customers  have not yet seen. 

With more flexibility, mobility and security we can reach even greater heights!

We can offer 5G solutions for B2B and B2C solutions. We work with some of the best Nordic companies specializing in AI, VR and industry applications.

Agri Solutions

Finland has a unique climate going from 24 hours of sunlight in the summer to almost 24 hours of darkness during the winter. Making our growing season unique and extremely challenging. 

Finland has created solutions that are suitable for all weather extremes. Regardless of heat or cold we have the solution!

We offer solutions in vertical farming, Aeroponic farming and Smart farming.


Smart Cities

Smart cities use data and technology to create an efficient way of living. To this, we must first start with improving sustainability, encouraging economic development and enhancing the quality of life. Not just for citizens living there but also for those commuting there.  

Designed for optimum usage of space and resources the aim is to create an easier way to connect citizens to administration and the population in general. Another main aspect of Smart Cities is they are meant to be environmentally friendly.  

Kaira Clan has our own expert for building Smart Cities. We help develop, educate and operate Smart City projects.




With the majority of the Finnish population using online banking services, it is safe to say Finland has one of the most advanced financial sectors in the world.

There are so many things to consider in the Fintech industry. Is there enough technological competence available to you? What about security? Will it be user friendly? 

Kaira Clan works with our experts to answer all those concerns for you. By working together we find the complete solutions our clients need from design to security. 

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