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Innovation Centers

The key reason for innovation center development is to create a safe place for people to gather and innovate. 

It is where groups can collaborate and create new products, solutions and services. 

In addition  to collaboration and innovation, most centers aim to drive growth and efficiency to products, services, customer experiences and overall business operations.

Kaira Clan works with clients on developing innovation centers worldwide. While all innovation centers are based on the same principles, there is not one size fits all.

We offer several services to support our clients in developing their innovation centers. 

  • Consultation 
  • Operation
  • Education
  • Management 

Our Innovation Program

Since innovation is so important to us, we designed our own innovation program “Kaira Academy“.  You can read more about Kaira Academy and what it has to offer.

Innovation Center Development Projects

Innovation Center

We have consulted in the developing of an innovation center in Kenya. The innovation center was to be 5G ready and would focus on developing agriculture solutions. These solutions are important for the local communities. 

We also created a “shopping list” of what would be needed for the center. 

Establishment of
Kaira Academy

With a partner company we have established our own Kaira Academy in a corporate innovation center located in the GCC . 

The main goal being to educate employees on:

  • New ways to develop their ideas 
  • Teaching Lean Startup ways 
  • Best practices on New Product Development. 
  • Includes webinars, workshops, challenges, and hackathons. 



CEVT Oulu-based
Mobility Innovation and Development Center

Kaira Clan has been chosen by CEVT to manage and operate the new Oulu-based mobility innovation and development center.

The innovation center will focus on sustainable mobility innovation and development. Allowing participating companies to push their ideas from their earliest stages, all the way to market readiness. 

The innovation center will provide startups and established companies with a clear path for the productization of their solutions.  Meanwhile encouraging collaboration of SME’s with large enterprises and local ecosystems.


Coming Soon!
Establishment of
Kaira Academy

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