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Innovation centers allow you to explore what is possible while sharpening your vision of the future.

Business moves at breakneck speed, but simply keeping up is insufficient. Companies must innovate their futures to succeed in this new era.

We want to help you ensure your center’s success from the ground up—making your business an industry leader.


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Innovation Center in Kenya

While providing the concept of our accelerator program, the Kenya-based center will focus on bringing telecommunication partners from Finland and the Nordics to Kenya. It will begin as a pilot phase, collaborating with Kenyan universities, the public sector, local industry areas, and businesses. The local center will focus on developing new innovative solutions for 5G, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Transportation.

You can read our MoU here.

Accelerator Program

Since innovation is so important to us, we designed our own accelerator program. Read more about how we offer several services to support our clients in developing their centers.