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Is an innovation accelerator program right for you?

Every company is innovative or has been at some point. Some have only idealized, others took it to the finish line. Some have deployed innovation at scale, others in pilot projects. Some sporadically and others systematically.


Corporations are no different. Although some might have just gotten used to success and thus become afraid of innovating continuously. We know this a bit too well, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are working for a corporation and you are reading this then you came to the right place.


Rediscover a passion for innovation with our help!

We can help you. We will help you rediscover your passion for innovation again.

With the innovation accelerator for corporations program, we aim to support your journey to becoming more innovative. We can induce innovation within your corporation with the help of external teams and out-of-the-box ideas, we can educate your team on generating ideas and validate them or we can closely consult your team in your innovation project.

Solution Integration

Our Principles & Methods

We bring modern and human-centric methods as well as proven approaches to innovation such as lean startup and design thinking, but we also value the robustness of more traditional methods, still well grounded, such as new product development.

Each method has its place and time to be used. Also each tool is suitable for a specific case.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Based on your needs we will bring the tools and expertise that best fit you and your team to achieve a continuous and sustainable approach to innovation.


Together we build the best fitting solution



Transparent by sharing our knowledge


Empower you and your team for success

How to start the innovation accelerator?

We have three different approaches to accelerate innovation in your corporation. Each one answers a specific problem and has a distinctive schedule and outcome.

You can select all and deploy them all at the same time in parallel or you can initially choose one and then after it has finished selecting another one, or the same. As you wish and need.

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