Kaira Academy

The internal innovation program your corporation needs.

We all know innovation is the key to keeping any society thriving. No matter the market you are in or what product or service you sell, you have to keep innovating if you want to keep up with today’s pressing needs and tomorrow’s demands.  Every market, every society, every company needs innovation.

“Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity… and these in turn rely on the education of our people.”                                                                                                                                                        -Julia Gillard

At Kaira Clan we know innovation is not a one size fits all. That is why we have developed our own innovation program known as Kaira Academy. Kaira Academy can be customized to our client’s individual needs. Whether it is a government funded project to innovate agriculture or a company looking for better product development solutions, our Academy can be tailored to your needs. Anyway. Anywhere.

As  product developers and business owners ourselves we know where you are now. We don’t want to just sell our service or develop a short term quick fix, we want to empower your workforce. Learning by doing what it takes to innovate and succeed. Our goal is to make even better innovators than we ourselves are. There is no fear of our students surpassing the masters. We aim for it!

We take innovators to the next level using due and lean R&D processes. Our Academy features a unique blend of lean StartUp methodology with rock solid best practices on New Product Development all the while providing real KPIs to monitor the success of your innovation project.


Expenditure vs. Profit. How to establish and monitor KPIs into your innovation deeds.


Long Term KPIs

To establish longer term KPIs in order to evaluate ROI, we evaluate input and output metrics that are most suitable for your program. These variables can be based on R&D costs vs launchable products or even how many new R&D personnel you have.


Capability metrics to measure the impact of your innovation program in your workforce.

Measuring Workforce

Long Term & Short Term KPIs

With our long term and short term KPIs, we can evaluate your workforces experiences. Establishing what they have learned and how they are able to use their new innovative skills in the future is just as important as any ROI.


Upper management obtaining leadership skills for the day-2-day operations.


Long Term KPIs

We offer long term KPIs to help managers realize the skills they have, how they can improve and show them how they can become not just managers, but leaders in day to day innovation operations. To be a good leader, you must first lead.

By using our vast network of Nordic digital experts as the initial starting point for the transfer of Nordic know-how into your innovation project, we can ensure our program is taught by true experts. Kaira Clan’s Innovation program includes two yearly sprints where ideas and teams are formed, coached and polished all the way up from the essentials of technology and business to market readiness. 

Track 1

Innovation Agents
1 Week
  • Training Your CIO Proxies

Track 2

Innovation Sprint
2 Weeks
  • Lean Start 101 skills

Track 3

Lessons For A Lifetime
3-4 Months
  • Blackbelt Intrapreneur

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