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For Innovative Startups

Marketing and Sales Development One of Kaira Clan’s goals is to help Nordic companies reach international markets. This is why we are offering marketing and sales development services for startups. Giving our clients take a step forward in developing new international marketing and sales strategies. With a network and partnerships that span the globe, we are able to help startups establish international sales channels. Our aim is to help develop their own ecosystem and the possibility to reach larger audiences. This gives the best chance for international success.

Marketing & Sales Development Services

Market Research & Analysis

The first step into developing any new marketing strategy is to do your research.  By offering market research and analysis, startups can decide where to take their next steps. We can even give you ideas on what kind of strategy you should take next.

Brand Development

We help startups evaluate their pre-existing brand to determine international success.  As well as helping develop startups international voice.  Our aim is to give the best advantage possible for new ventures!

Social Media Management

Every company knows social media marketing plays a huge role in obtaining new clients.  For startups it can be confusing and quite time consuming to get the word out on their social media channels. We offer a service to manage your social media channels while you focus on the more important things.

Sales Development

Our biggest service we offer for startups is sales development and ecosystem building. It is our aim to help innovative startups find new sales channels internationally to help build up their business.  We consult, build networks and help with sales distribution for innovative startups. 

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